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We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals committed to the development of companies who seek to transcend through their resources and capabilities generating the necessary knowledge capital  to position them on their belonged sector through the proper management of their tangible and intangible resources.

The academic formation, the ongoing training, the collection and assimilation of day-to-day business experiences, the constant look to the outside, the search and assimilation of new work methodologies are the fundamental tools we work with to develop and promote solid and sustainable business plan nationally and internationally. 

Our Services


We provide comprehensive and strategic advice for the development and growth of each project we receive. Professionalize, climb, reduce risks and maximize the chance of success are some of the challenges that ENDEAR assumes in each service offered.


We have established a working methodology to promote and assist enterprises that seek to project themselves in international markets, with the assistance of specialized professionals and the coordination with national and international agencies.


From this module, ENDEAR works with the collection and management of the information and its subsequent performance measurement, considered as main raw material of the competitive intelligence and base for a proper decision making in real time, that allows the enterprise to be a step ahead from their competitors.


ENDEAR, develops online and face-to-face trainings in order of each person, enterprise or institution needs. Through an initial interview, we diagram a training plan, map out its execution, follow-up, measurement and adjustment needed to reach successfully the programmed objectives.

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