Your progress, our priority. Through a wide variety of services we offer comprehensive advice that allows your project to find business opportunities, professionalize itself, climb, reduce risks and maximize the chance of long-term success.

Loans access management in public and private organizations, as the development of an adequate financial planning adjusted to each business model are some of the services our department provides for a successfully achievement of the company’s finances.

Choosing the most appropriate structure, the best tax legislation alternative and the sizing of the tax burden are some of the pillars upon ENDEAR builds a customized tax planning for each company according to the sector, size and maturity.

Professionals with over 20 years of experience in the area share their knowledge to train and strengthen companies in one of the fundamental pillars of the business.

Transform ideas into action. This is a program created to assess the potential of a business plan, we work on all impact areas to provide our customers a vision of the future with possible scenarios and actions to make, to build a lasting project.

Aimed at on-going enterprises. Through this module, we analyze the current situation of the company getting started with an initial diagnosis, designing an action plan and accompanying throughout the process of implementation of the proposed program, re-evaluation and measuring to make the necessary adjustments to achieve the objectives defined in the initial plan.

The knowledge and  research of the group of companies that supply a market sector, help to draw indispensable strategies for the development of any business project. Deepen, process and understand the information in highly relevant aspects as they are the access to distribution channels, the sector sales, cash flow and working capital, human resources available, their training level, collective work agreements, among other, allow the designing of an objective scenario in order to design and facilitate the decision making looking forward to orient the resources for the ongoing improvement of their competitiveness and reaching their goals.

Through a comprehensive and shared view from professionals of diverse areas it starts from an initial diagnostic, to identify “where” the company is when it comes to ENDEAR and “to where” wants to be, the variables that affect or could affect the life of the organization are analyzed, a short-, medium-, or long-term action plan is designed and proposed, according to the company’s request.

Visualize new horizons, expand itself or extend the offer, are some steps that an organization shouldn’t make without knowing before where is going, so a timely market survey can collaborate as a fundamental tool in the decision making of the organization. Through this service, the company gets professional and updated information from the market segment it seek to join. ENDEAR develops personalized market surveys and based with information obtained from different databases, publics and privates, in order to reduce any risk that impacts on the expansion interests of the company and maximize the probability of its success.

Integral management of different legal forms, as well as commercial and civil associations. From the constitution, applicance, exention managenemnt and advising throughout its organizational life.

In ENDEAR we consider that professional partnerships mean much more than working together, we believe and are convinced that they are a part of a force whose synergy is reflected in our customers results, that’s why, the coordination, integration and cooperation between our team and law firms specialized in different areas are parts of a work philosophy that seeks the best results for the business growth.

The working team and its valuation, constitute one of the intrinsec trasures of each organization, so its adequate recruiting and training will impact in achieving the accomplishments. The Human Resourses area deals with survey and construction of a database of trained, suitably, qualified persons and that have as a priority to identify themselves and make a commitment with the company’s objectives that has been selected.

Since the value that represents the technological incorporation for every company of the modern world, we develop the survey of needs and we manage the service through a network of professionals whom ENDEAR works in coordination with in order to attend the needs and requirements of the modern world and leading SMEs to create competitive advantages for their organizations within the sector they belong. 

The digital transformation shouldn’t be an unrelated issue from the organization, according to the fast technological evolution is essential that every company stay at the forefront of new developments to compete on equal terms in a rapidly changing social and economic environment, ENDEAR offers consulting customized on each company needs.

Oriented to the resolution of organizational conflicts and the achievement of a balance between interests involved, we work with specialists in mediation experienced in different themes, in order to avoid judicial instances and the economic impact for each organization.